Why Citrus Perfumes Are Called the Happiest Ones?

There are several categories of perfumes: floral, citrus, fruity, oceanic, woody, oriental, spicy, etc. Today we’ll focus on the citrus ones. Citrus perfumes are fruity. However, they create a separate category. Let’s discuss why they stand out and which occasions they are perfect for.

The main characteristics of citrus fragrances

The first thing that comes to mind to a person who smells this fragrance is a bright and energetic mood. In fact, citrus scent is proved to improve people’s mood. The perfume infused with citrus notes is very lively. It smells like lemon, mandarin, orange, grapefruit, etc. They are seldom mono fragrances. When combined with woody and spicy notes, it seems very sexy and totally reinvented. However, for the most part, citrus notes are mixed with floral. This is a light combination perfect for everyday use.

The most well-known representatives of citrus perfumes are Clinique Happy, Mary Kay Velocity, Burberry Weekend, Lo Malone Grapefruit, Calvin Klein CK One, etc. You can get your favorite one at Perfume Dor.

The occasions citrus perfume is suitable for

This category of perfume is at its best during the daytime. It’s a great choice to start your morning as it gives you energy for the rest of the day. In addition, you can wear a citrus infused perfume to go out for brunch, daytime party like a baby shower, or take a walk in the park.