Take care of your nails. Four mistakes destroying gel polish manicure

More and more women decide to try gel polish manicure. After all, who does not want to have well-groomed nails for several weeks? If you decide to join happy owners of gel polish manicure, you should know about fails, which can harm your gel coating.


  1. Try to remove gel polish on your own without special materials.

The least patient women often try to remove gel polish from their nails just scrapping them or they can try to pick up the coating with the orange stick (or some other tools). It is absolutely forbidden to do it. Thus, you can cause great damage to the nail plate.

  1. Ignore oils.

Many women worry that oils will significantly shorten the life of their manicure. In fact, the opposite is true. For longer duration of gel polish manicure, your nails should not be dry. It is better to use special oils, which you can order at kodi official site.

  1. Bite your nails

If you suffer from this habit and cannot keep yourself (and your teeth) in your hands, the masters advise you not to use gel polish. After all, even a resistant coating will begin to chip. And you also risk swallowing a chemical and indigestible substance.

  1. Choose an unprofessional nail master.

You should take care of your nails beforehand and visit only good salons with qualified professionals. Don’t be ashamed to ask for certificates, because not only the beauty of your manicure depends on the qualification of the master, but your health as well.

Avoid these mistakes and your manicure will look perfect!