Make My Day CPA services: choose which service to use

Our company provides different types of assistance, which presented on our website. To know more, you can visit us: On our website for each type of assistance that you request, you can see the list of services that we give and choose the necessary for you. You choose which service you want to use since it depends on your needs. Our specialists may recommend that you use a certain service in the future if the previous service was not enough.

     The ways to give you our help

You can choose any of the lists of services offered by us, among which is:

  • the “Small help” that is usually provided for startups and beginner entrepreneurs. You can use this service for only $ 45.
  • You can also use “Big help” in case it is necessary for the prosperity of your business, which includes the preparation of business plans, analytics, and advice on any other issues. It will cost you only $ 55.
  • Finally, the service of the greatest possible help for the existing and unwinding companies, which cost $ 75.

Regardless of what type of assistance you choose, our specialist will provide you with services at the professional level because they are all responsive and passionate about their work

Companies that have a similar cost of services

Among the companies that provide similar services with official data, the cost of services is close to Make My Day CPA. These companies are:

  1. BussinessWise CPA;
  2. CFO Services Group;
  3. Dagley& Co.